Shows —

  • Tue 2nd Sep 2014

    Nom De Strip, Changsha—
    Mykki Blanco, Amsterdam—
  • Wed 3rd Sep 2014

    Sivey, Manchester—
    Debukas, Barcelona—
    Andrew Ashong, Pula—
    Chunky, Pula—
    Daktyl, Paris—
  • Thu 4th Sep 2014

    Moxie, London—
    Jerry Bouthier, London—
    Chunky, Pula—
    Roy Davis Jr, Oslo—
    Kutmah, Pula—
    Chimpo, Pula—
    Kindness (DJ Sets), Amsterdam—
    Fracture, Pula—
    SAM BINGA, Pula—
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  • Fri 5th Sep 2014

    Kiwi, Portmeirion Village—
    Walshy Fire, Rotterdam—
    Roy Davis Jr, Dublin—
    Chunky, Pula—
    Torn Hawk, Vienna—
    DADG, Pula—
    Mia Dora, London—
    Young Male, Paris—
    DJ Richard, Paris—
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  • Sat 6th Sep 2014

    The Golden Boy, London—
    Joakim, Tokyo—
    Eomac, Berlin—
    Will Saul, Isle Of Wight—
    HNNY, Groningen—
    Chunky, Pula—
    COKI, Pula—
    ZEDB, Pula—
    Walshy Fire, Mons (Asquillies)—
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  • Sun 7th Sep 2014

    Tiger & Woods, Lisbon—
    ZEDB, Pula—
    BODI, Pula—
    Mark E, Berlin—
    DJ Q, Pula—
    Joakim, Sapporo—
    MPEA, Pula—
    Wookie, Pula—
    Zombie Nation, Alkmaar—
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  • Mon 8th Sep 2014

    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Mykki Blanco, Prague—
  • Tue 9th Sep 2014

    Harri and Domenic, Rovinj—
    Blouse, Geneva—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Horse Meat Disco, Puerto Plata—
    Lemmy Ashton, Rovinj—
    Urulu, Berlin—
    Titeknots, Glasgow—
    Mykki Blanco, Frankfurt Am Main—
  • Wed 10th Sep 2014

    James Holden , Rovinj—
    Harri and Domenic, Rovinj—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Botnek, Ibiza—
    Horse Meat Disco, Cologne—
    Paleman, Geneva—
    Blouse, Marina di Ravenna—
    Will Saul, Boston—
  • Thu 11th Sep 2014

    Jacques Renault, New York—
    Nguzunguzu, Seoul—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    Tiger & Woods, -—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Rovinj—
    Anushka, Mallorca—
    DMX Krew, Enschede—
    Forest Swords, Rovinj—
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  • Fri 12th Sep 2014

    Lorca, Edinburgh—
    Om Unit, Sao Paolo—
    Moullinex, Bali—
    Huntleys & Palmers, Rovinj—
    Jahiliyya Fields, Odense—
    TRON, Berlin—
    Auntie Flo, Rovinj—
    DK, London—
    DJ Food, London—
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  • Sat 13th Sep 2014

    Flako, Holsbeek—
    Roy Davis Jr, -—
    Ame (DJ), Maidstone (London)—
    Mighty Mouse, London—
    Hostage, Hannover—
    Torn Hawk, Odense—
    Dixon, Portsmouth—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Brighton—
    Leon Vynehall, Amsterdam—
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  • Sun 14th Sep 2014

    Matt Jam Lamont, London—
    Moullinex, Jakarta—
    AMEN, Copenhagen—
    Tiger & Woods, -—
    Nguzunguzu, Tokyo—
    DJ Cheeba, Birmingham—
    Jon1st, Birmingham—
    Borrowed Identity, Munich—
    Blouse, Vienna—
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  • Mon 15th Sep 2014

    DJ Cheeba, Birmingham—
    Beautiful Swimmers, Konstanz—
    Mia Dora, Edinburgh—
    Blouse, Cologne—
    AMEN, Hamburg—
  • Tue 16th Sep 2014

    DJ Cheeba, Edinburgh—
    Blouse, Tilburg—
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  • Wed 17th Sep 2014

    AMEN, N�rnberg—
    Tensnake, London—
    TAI, Ibiza—
    Blouse, Paris—
    Walshy Fire, Barcelona—
  • Thu 18th Sep 2014

    Nguzunguzu, HCMC—
    Fatima Al Qadiri, London—
    Fis, Bern—
    Blouse, Bordeaux—
    Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dundee—
    The Busy Twist, Manchester—
  • Fri 19th Sep 2014

    Will Saul, Bern—
    Keeno, Wurzburg—
    DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 3 Way Mix, Montreal—
    DJ Cheeba, Montreal—
    DJ Food, Montreal—
    Walshy Fire, Orleans—
    Low Jack, Berlin—
    Punks Jump Up, Istanbul—
    Débruit, Dijon—
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  • Sat 20th Sep 2014

    Torn Hawk, Amsterdam—
    DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 3 Way Mix, Ottawa—
    Botnek, Geneva—
    patten, Krakow—
    Esa, Dundee—
    Tiger & Woods, Hamburg—
    Ame (DJ), Aberdeen—
    LSTP, Bristol—
    AMEN, Angers—
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  • Sun 21st Sep 2014

    The Jillionaire, Adelaide—
    The Juan Maclean, Edinburgh—
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  • Mon 22nd Sep 2014

    Madam X, Manchester—
    Chimpo, Manchester—
    Girl Unit, Tokyo—
  • Tue 23rd Sep 2014

    Jabru, Exeter—
    Will Saul, Exeter—
    AMEN, Dublin—
    Jerry Bouthier, Cape Town—
  • Wed 24th Sep 2014

    RNDM, Gent—
  • Thu 25th Sep 2014

    DJ Q, Leeds—
    Om Unit, London—
    Dan Shake, Manchester—
    Soom T, Leeds—
    Troy Gunner, Bristol—
    Moxie, Manchester—
    APPLEBOTTOM , Exeter—
    Hackman, Bristol—
    Sei A, Florence—
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  • Fri 26th Sep 2014

    Lorca, Brighton—
    Munk, Lisbon—
    Jon1st, London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Preston—
    Fatima Al Qadiri, The Hague—
    Kutmah, Verona—
    FLOA, Leeds—
    Fatima, Leipzig—
    Urulu, Budapest—
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News —

Rinse FM Podcast – PhotoMachine —

PhOtOmachine Rinse FM

Check out this Rinse FM podcast from the PhOtOmachine show that aired 31st Aug 2014.

Source: Soundcloud 2nd September 2014

Solid Steel Show – Josey Rebelle —


Check out the new Solid Steel Radio show mix from Josey Rebelle is up now on this Soundcloud link.

Source: Soundcloud 2nd September 2014

Modini – Turk EP – Out Now On Dixon Avenue Basement Jams —


Modini – Turk EP – Out Now On Dixon Avenue Basement Jams (Link To Rub A Dub)

The Dixon Avenue Basements Jams star ascends to the heavens and beyond with a cold crushin killer from Modini.

Jahiliyya Fields Announces Debut European Tour —


Jahiliyya Fields has announced his first full tour of Europe. Full dates as follows, check this clip of him destroying OFF Festival for a taster of what to expect:

SEP 05: GLAZART, Paris (France)
SEP 12: Phonofestivalen, Odense (Denmark)
SEP 13: Lighthouse, Stockholm (Sweden)
SEP 19: Incubate presents: L.I.E.S….

Source: Jahiliyya Fields Facebook 2nd September 2014

Anushka – album tour —


The album tour for Anushka is finally here, more dates to be announced

2nd September 2014

Torn Hawk To Release ‘Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time’ on Mexican Summer in November —


Torn Hawk has announced his next album, Let’s Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time, to be released on Mexican Summer on November 10th. The Fader are previewing lead track “I’m Flexible”, click here to listen.

Source: The Fader 1st September 2014

Borrowed Identity – Home Taping 19 (Out Soon On Home Taping Is Killing Music) —

artworks-000089385450-wlpeog-t500x500 (1)

Borrowed Identity – Home Taping 19 (Link To Soundcloud)

Borrowed Identity delivers a stunning debut for Home Taping Is Killing Music, criss-crossing the boundaries between various subgenres of house music, while denying any of them total dominance.

A1: Feeling Blue
A2: One Nation Under A Groove
B1: Nothing Or All
B2: Searching Forever


Cooly G Announces New Album ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ —


Cooly G Announces New Album ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ - Dummy Mag

The Hyperdub artist’s second album is due in October, with lyrics sketching out dreamy scenarios of seduction, lust, and sex.

DMX Krew Stands In For Hessle Audio On Rinse FM —


DMX Krew Stands In For Hessle Audio On Rinse FM (Link To Rinse FM Podcasts)

DMX Krew and Power Vacuum joined forces in the Rinse FM studios, covering for Ben UFO while the Hessle Audio gang were at Dimensions Festival.

Marquis Hawkes – Can’t Find A Reason (Houndstooth) – FACT Magazine Premiere —


Marquis Hawkes – Can’t Find A Reason (Houndstooth) – FACT Magazine Premiere

Roughing up accessible sounds has been a theme throughout Marquis-Hawkes’ career, and nowhere has it been so clear than on his debut for Houndstooth.

Four upfront house jams, each demonstrating a different side to Hawkes’ production talent, take…