Shows —

  • Mon 6th Jul 2015

    Jonathan Toubin, Corsica—
    Mark E, Tisno—
    Maxxi Soundsystem, Tisno—
    Tiger & Woods, Ibiza—
    Gacha / Bakradze , Tbilisi—
  • Tue 7th Jul 2015

    Jerry Bouthier, Berlin—
    Jonathan Toubin, Lausanne—
  • Wed 8th Jul 2015

    Jonathan Toubin, Lausanne—
    Reginald Omas Mamode IV, London—
    Leon Vynehall, Tisno—
    Fantastic Man, Tisno—
    DJ Moneyshot, Bristol—
    Rita Maia, Sete—
    DJ Cheeba, Bristol—
  • Thu 9th Jul 2015

    LX ONE, Novi Sad—
    of Montreal, Bilbao—
    Maxxi Soundsystem, Barcelona—
    Om Unit, Boston—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    Swindle, Sete—
  • Fri 10th Jul 2015

    Troy Gunner, London—
    Lemmy Ashton, London—
    Leon Vynehall, Sete—
    Marquis Hawkes, Tisno—
    Leif, Clyro—
    Horse Meat Disco, Tisno—
    Pender Street Steppers, Lisbon—
    Auntie Flo, Tisno—
    Man Power, Tisno—
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  • Sat 11th Jul 2015

    Troy Gunner, Shepton Mallet—
    Dixon, Leeds—
    Thris Tian, Sete—
    of Montreal, Trencin—
    Om Unit, Merritt—
    Neville Watson, London—
    Forest Swords, Liege—
    Harri and Domenic, Tisno—
    Bell Towers, Manchester—
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  • Sun 12th Jul 2015

    Leif, Clyro—
    Mark E, Tisno—
    KERO KERO BONITO, Lausanne—
    Daktyl, Shepton Mallet—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Novi Sad—
    LX ONE, Shepton Mallet—
    Kurupt FM, London—
    DJ Barely Legal, London—
    Huerco S, Osaka—
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  • Mon 13th Jul 2015

    Borrowed Identity, Avignon—
    Leon Vynehall, Ibiza—
    Alexander Nut, Paris—
    Chunky, Paris—
  • Wed 15th Jul 2015

    The Jillionaire, Guerande—
    Soom T, Vienne—
    DJ Sliink, Gothenburg—
  • Thu 16th Jul 2015

    Om Unit, Washington DC—
    Horse Meat Disco, Provincetown—
    Pollyester, Gräfenhainichen—
    The Jillionaire, Lecco—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    Evian Christ, Dour—
    SPEN, Bali—
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  • Fri 17th Jul 2015

    Pender Street Steppers, Rotterdam—
    Om Unit, Edmonton—
    Black Strobe, Ostrava—
    Horse Meat Disco, Ibiza—
    Krystal Klear, Chichester—
    Braiden, London—
    Alexander Nut, Suffolk—
    Kiwi, London—
    Tom Demac, London—
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  • Sat 18th Jul 2015

    DJ Food, Lyon—
    Horse Meat Disco, London—
    San Proper, Cardiff—
    Ame (DJ), Newnham—
    Pender Street Steppers, Newnham—
    Borrowed Identity, Grafenhainichen—
    Tornado Wallace, Amsterdam—
    Soom T, Neoules—
    Jon K, Diemen—
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  • Sun 19th Jul 2015

    Horse Meat Disco, Miami—
    Om Unit, Austin—
    SPEN, Sydney—
    Débruit, Dour—
    Palace, Gent—
    SirOJ, Diemen—
    Jonathan Toubin, Benicassim—
    ZOLA JESUS, Southwold—
    Fantastic Man, Budapest—
  • Mon 20th Jul 2015

    Anushka, Pag—
  • Tue 21st Jul 2015

    Denis Sulta, Glasgow—
    DJ Moneyshot, London—
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  • Wed 22nd Jul 2015

    Facta, Bristol—
    Walshy Fire, Napoli—
    Detroit Swindle, Ibiza—
    DJ Moneyshot, London—
  • Thu 23rd Jul 2015

    Walshy Fire, Barcelona—
    The Jillionaire, Emmaboda—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    DJ Moneyshot, London—
    Om Unit, Los Angeles—
    DJ Food, Tel Aviv—
    Nancy Whang, Melbourne—
    Prinzhorn Dance School, Brussels—
    Torn Hawk, Ghent—
  • Fri 24th Jul 2015

    U, Sheffield—
    Jam City, Niigata—
    The Jillionaire, Avignon—
    Detroit Swindle, Munich—
    Ptaki, Warsaw—
    Om Unit, San Diego—
    Alexander Nut, London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Tel Aviv—
    JD Samson, Berlin—
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  • Sat 25th Jul 2015

    Tornado Wallace, Berlin—
    Evian Christ, Sheffield—
    JD Samson, Paris—
    Braiden, Sheffield—
    Rita Maia, London—
    Marcus Marr, Amsterdam—
    Kartell, Zadar—
    The Juan Maclean, London—
    Lapalux, Sheffield—
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  • Sun 26th Jul 2015

    Eliphino, Belgium—
    Proxy, Lichtenvoorde—
    Josey Rebelle, Sheffield—
    Om Unit, San Francisco—
    Dan Bodan, Berlin—
    Walshy Fire, Perugia—
    Horse Meat Disco, Sheffield—
    Marquis Hawkes, Ibiza—
    Nancy Whang, Gold Coast—
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  • Tue 28th Jul 2015

    Mia Dora, Glasgow—
  • Thu 30th Jul 2015

    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    Felix Dickinson, Guadalajara—
    Om Unit, Pau—
    Zombie Nation, Castellón de la Plana—
    Denis Sulta, Inverness—
  • Fri 31st Jul 2015

    Felix Dickinson, Monterrey—
    Drae Da Skimask, Manchester—
    C.A.R., Brighton—
    Henry Wu, London—
    Jon Phonics, -—
    Slackk, London—
    Zombie Nation, Barcelona—
    Onra, Cluj-Napoca—
    Oil Gang, London—
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  • Sat 1st Aug 2015

    My Panda Shall Fly, Co. Offaly—
    Auntie Flo, London—
    ML (Mickey Lightfoot), London—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Aviemore—
    Hackman, Luton—
    Torn Hawk, Zvizzhi—
    Kurupt FM, Lowther—
    Leif, Berlin—
    Few Nolder (Live), Berlin—
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  • Sun 2nd Aug 2015

    Alexander Nut, Co. Offaly—
    Sam Russo , London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Dublin—
    Huerco S, Amsterdam—
    Midnight Magic, Dublin—
    of Montreal, Co. Offaly—
    Jon K, Co. Offaly—
    Ruf Dug, Somerset—
    SPEN, Berlin—
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News —

Sh?m debut EP is now available to Pre-Order on vinyl —


Sh?m‘s EP’s namesake represents the duality in his music; at once creating soft, musical landscapes, while also creating harder, grittier sounds that are ‘more suitable for going nuts in a club.’ Experimenting with sounds; ‘Serendipity’ & ‘I Just’ are examples of the smoother tracks Sh?m is…

6th July 2015

Clone presents Sean Dixon remix —

Sean Dixon Pic 67

Clone Records presents Sean Dixon – The Gathering (+ Gerd remix)

6th July 2015

Debruit – Outside The Line | Redefine Mag Album Review (ICI) —


Debruit – Outside The Line | Redefine Mag Album Review (ICI) (Link to Redefine Mag)

An indepth and exploratory review of Debruit’s new album. Outside The Line is out now…

Source: Debruit – Outside The Line | Redefine Mag Album Review (ICI) — 3rd July 2015

Check out Troy gunner’s new mix & interview via Soundplate —

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.05.41

Check out Troy gunner‘s new mix & interview via Soundplate


3rd July 2015

Evvol —


Evvol‘s new LP ‘Eternalism’  review on Clash 7/10 rating.


2nd July 2015

Nummer remix Linkwood’s Love Lost on Firecracker Recordings —


Nummer feature on the forthcoming remix package for Linkwood’s exceptional Expressions LP released earlier this year. Due September, stream the remix of ‘Love Lost’ below

2nd July 2015

Domenic Cappello – Jaunt Mix Ep94 —


Domenic Cappello – Jaunt Mix Ep94 (Link To Soundcloud)

A tasty mix for Jaunt from one half of Glasgow’s finest DJ duo….


Slackk releases new Patrice & Friends album —


New Patrice & Friends- “It’s Not Often”.
It’s Not Often, from Slackk‘s footwork-centric alter ego, is available now on a name-your-price basis.

CLICK HERE via Resident Advisor

1st July 2015

Jon K – Berceuse Heroique Mix | July 2015 —


Jon K – Berceuse Heroique Mix | July 2015 (Link To Soundcloud)

Jon K is back on our stereos with another weird, wonderfully and worryingly good DJ mix. This time for London crew and label Berceuse Heroique.


Boot & Tax – Album Mini Mix | Optimo Music LP04 —


Boot & Tax – Album Mini Mix | Optimo Music LP04 (Link To Soundcloud)

Boot & Tax’s debut LP for Optimo Music is out now. Check out the mini mix to get familiar with one of the most unique electronic albums to emerge this year.