Shows —

  • Fri 9th Oct 2015

    Evian Christ, Bologna—
    Fort Romeau, Sheffield—
    Marvin & Guy, Los Angeles—
    Thris Tian, Belfast—
    Route 8, Hamburg—
    Total Freedom, Berlin—
    Boris Werner , Utrecht—
    Hashman Deejay, London—
    Nomine, London—
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  • Sat 10th Oct 2015

    MR. MITCH, Brussels—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Cologne—
    San Proper, Manchester—
    Kry Wolf, London—
    N-TYPE, Paris—
    Roska, London—
    Hashman Deejay, Budapest—
    Fabio Monesi, Lyon—
    The Parrots, Manchester—
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  • Sun 11th Oct 2015

    Mosca, Berlin—
    Chimpo, Durham—
    The Parrots, Leeds—
    Kindness (DJ Sets), Shizuoka—
  • Mon 12th Oct 2015

    Telepathe, Paris—
    The Parrots, Brighton—
  • Tue 13th Oct 2015

    Eliphino, Bristol—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Newcastle Upon Tyne—
    Big Dope P, Aberdeen—
    Vision Fortune, London—
    Paleman, London—
    Lance Neptune , New York—
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  • Wed 14th Oct 2015

    Telepathe, Amsterdam—
    Spencer, Edinburgh—
    Holy Strays, Paris—
    The Revenge, Bristol—
  • Thu 15th Oct 2015

    thatmanmonkz, Amsterdam—
    PBR Streetgang, Amsterdam—
    Horse Meat Disco, Amsterdam—
    Scratch Perverts , Manchester—
    SAM BINGA, Los Angeles—
    Moscoman, Guadalajara—
    Tornado Wallace, Amsterdam—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Amsterdam—
    Tiger & Woods, Amsterdam—
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  • Fri 16th Oct 2015

    Fhloston Paradigm : King Britt , Rotterdam—
    Horse Meat Disco, Newcastle—
    Harri and Domenic, Dublin—
    Fatima, Budapest—
    Soom T, Aberdeen—
    SAM BINGA, Seattle—
    Auntie Flo, Edinburgh—
    DJ Sliink, Brussels—
    The Subs, St Etienne—
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  • Sat 17th Oct 2015

    Project Pablo, Paris—
    Sean Dixon , Stockholm—
    Moscoman, Monterrey—
    Jeen Bassa, Bristol—
    Imre Kiss, Bucharest—
    Dauwd, Bristol—
    Mr Bongo Soundsystem, Brighton—
    Max McFerren, Paris—
    Paxton Fettel , Copenhagen—
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  • Sun 18th Oct 2015

    Henry Wu, Leeds—
    Tornado Wallace, Barcelona—
    Boris Werner , Amsterdam—
    Boris Werner , Amsterdam—
    SAM BINGA, Austin—
    Moxie, Cambridge—
    The Jillionaire, Amsterdam—
    N-TYPE, Amsterdam—
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  • Mon 19th Oct 2015

    The Parrots, Bristol—
  • Tue 20th Oct 2015

    BARE, Sheffield—
    Steve Hauschildt, Berlin—
    Walton, Exeter—
    The Parrots, Guildford—
    Borrowed Identity, Hong Kong—
    Telepathe, Berlin—
  • Wed 21st Oct 2015

    Henry Wu, Istanbul—
    The Parrots, Bedford—
    Steve Hauschildt, Paris—
    Evian Christ, London—
    Tornado Wallace, Milan—
    Telepathe, London—
  • Thu 22nd Oct 2015

    Débruit, Tromso—
    Laurence Guy, London—
    Onra, London—
    Howling, London—
    Fis, London—
    Walshy Fire, Nimes—
    SAM BINGA, Vancouver—
    Krystal Klear, London—
    C.A.R., Reykjavik—
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  • Fri 23rd Oct 2015

    Walshy Fire, Bulle—
    Kasra V , London—
    SAM BINGA, Victoria—
    Nomine, Bern—
    Big Dope P, Barcelona—
    Fis, London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Birmingham—
    Andy Hart , Melbourne—
    Alma Negra , Bern—
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  • Sat 24th Oct 2015

    SAM BINGA, Portland—
    Tom Demac, Birmingham—
    LX ONE, Caen—
    Om Unit, Antwerp—
    Harri and Domenic, Edinburgh—
    Moscoman, Tijuana—
    Walshy Fire, Paris—
    Few Nolder (Live), Paris—
    Urulu, Newcastle Upon Tyne—
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  • Sun 25th Oct 2015

    Henry Wu, Brussels—
    Andy Hart , Melbourne—
    TIMG, London—
    SAM BINGA, San Francisco—
    Project Pablo, Brussels—
    Moxie, Edinburgh—
    Ame (DJ), Waterford—
    Detroit Swindle, Glasgow—
    Gerd Janson, Waterford—
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  • Mon 26th Oct 2015

    ANNA B SAVAGE, Sheffield—
  • Tue 27th Oct 2015

    Mor Elian, Tel Aviv—
    Telepathe, Copenhagen—
    ANNA B SAVAGE, Cambridge—
    J FERNANDEZ, Limoges—
    Kit Grill, London—
    Last Magpie , Exeter—
  • Wed 28th Oct 2015

    Big Dope P, Orlando—
    SAM BINGA, Washington DC—
    The Jillionaire, Luxembourg—
    Fantastic Man, Brisbane—
    ANNA B SAVAGE, London—
    Canblaster, Milan—
    DJ Slow, Milan—
    Jam City, Amsterdam—
    J FERNANDEZ, Nantes—
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  • Thu 29th Oct 2015

    The Jillionaire, Lyon—
    My Panda Shall Fly, London—
    SAM BINGA, Boston—
    Débruit, Accra—
    ANNA B SAVAGE, London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Bournemouth—
    Big Dope P, Pittsburgh—
    J FERNANDEZ, Brussels—
    N-TYPE, Berlin—
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  • Fri 30th Oct 2015

    Jon K, Edinburgh—
    Gunnar Haslam, Berlin—
    Marcus Marr, Melbourne—
    Francis Inferno Orchestra, Vilnius—
    Nomine, Denver—
    Denis Sulta, Sheffield—
    Dave Harvey, Manchester—
    Sean Dixon , Stockholm—
    Matt Jam Lamont, st albans—
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  • Sat 31st Oct 2015

    Krankbrother, Liverpool—
    Troy Gunner, Plymouth—
    MOXI, London—
    PBR Streetgang, London—
    Leon Vynehall, Manchester—
    Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks, Beacon Cragg—
    Noema, Leeds—
    Boris Werner , London—
    Nomine, New York—
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  • Sun 1st Nov 2015

    Fort Romeau, Rio De Janeiro—
    Fantastic Man, Victoria—
    Nomine, New Orleans—
    Andy Hart , Sydney—
    ANNA B SAVAGE, Bologna—
    Moscoman, New York—
    J FERNANDEZ, Nottingham—
    ZOLA JESUS, Porto—
  • Mon 2nd Nov 2015

    ANNA B SAVAGE, Munich—
    J FERNANDEZ, Brighton—
    Jacuzzi Boys, London—
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News —

Fantastic Man : Beats In Space —


Last nights Fantastic Man Beats In Space mix and tracklist is up..
Lot’s of previews of upcoming releases from Superconscious Records, Voyage, BFDM, Not An Animal Records and Tehran Bomb.


7th October 2015

Sheffield Spotlight thatmanmonkz —


Starting off self-releasing on his own Shadeleaf Records, his music has recently found a home on Classic, Delusions of Grandeur; Stamp The Wax meet thatmanmonkz.



7th October 2015


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 17.40.55

A new favourite: Faze Miyake – Below Me feat Sasha Go Hard – TOTAL FREEDOM‘s Jezzy Pride Mix

Listen here

7th October 2015

First Track from new OTIK Ep premiered —

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 14.32.38

The first track from Otik‘s collab EP Void 93 with Vehda premiered on Stereofox this week with an extract from their latest Cascade Records track..

Listen here

7th October 2015

New Mickey Lightfoot Instrumental —

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 14.01.47

Having been in the studio perfecting the next record, ML (aka Mickey Lightfoot) is back with this fantastic instrumental track from the forthcoming release – Ashanti Bitxh Instrumental

Listen here


7th October 2015

Rinse FM Podcast – Dixon Avenue Basement Jams —


Rinse FM Podcast – Dixon Avenue Basement Jams (Link To Soundcloud)

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams were back on the Rinse FM airwaves with their real ricking raw shit, from the streets to the clubs.



Rinse FM Podcast – Adesse Versions b2b Pau Roca Live In Barcelona —


Rinse FM Podcast – Adesse Versions b2b Pau Roca Live In Barcelona (Link To Soundcloud)

Adesse Versions saw fit to hit record when he stepped to the booth at Moog in Barcelona earlier this year. Check out the b2b set with friend and ally Pau Roca, put to good…

DJ MAG WEEKLY PODCAST: Adesse Versions —


DJ MAG WEEKLY PODCAST: Adesse Versions (Link To Soundcloud)

Following his set at the DJ Mag residency at Egg in London, Adesse Versions has delivered the latest and one of the very best DJ Mag podcasts in recent times.

A Conversation With Frits Wentink —


The title says it all ; Frits Wentink, Bobby Donny, new producers, and lots more, there is even a podcast added to it.


1st October 2015


kane west

The Fader speak to PC Music’s dark horse, read here.

Source: The Fader 30th September 2015