Shows —

  • Sun 21st Dec 2014

    Frankey & Sandrino, Larisa—
    LEFT, Amsterdam—
  • Mon 22nd Dec 2014

    The Partysquad, Enna—
  • Thu 25th Dec 2014

    ANA, Munich—
  • Fri 26th Dec 2014

    Borrowed Identity, Munster—
    Marvin & Guy, Annecy—
    Jamie Trench , Peterborough—
    CLTN, London—
    TRAX, Mantova—
    DESU, Glasgow—
    Paleman, London—
    Friendly Fires (DJ Sets), Peterborough—
    MCSP, Candolim Bardez—
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  • Sat 27th Dec 2014

    Marvin & Guy, Lyon—
    DJ Barely Legal, Luton—
    Simian Mobile Disco, London—
    Ame (DJ), Glasgow—
    Harri and Domenic, Manchester—
    Marquis Hawkes, Glasgow—
    Munk, Zurich—
    Dan Bodan, Berlin—
    Chimpo, Candolim Bardez—
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  • Sun 28th Dec 2014

    Matt Jam Lamont, London—
    WOOK, London—
  • Tue 30th Dec 2014

    TENS, Lorne—
    Jon1st, Hinckley—
    KOKO, Boipeba Island—
  • Wed 31st Dec 2014

    Leon Vynehall, London—
    DJQU, London—
    Leif, London—
    TRAX, Amsterdam—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Bristol—
    Chunky, London—
    Kiwi, London—
    Alexander Nut, Perth—
    Untzz Twelve Inch (Mic Mills & Babicka), Amsterdam—
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  • Thu 1st Jan 2015

    Dixon, Bristol—
    Maxmillion Dunbar, Melbourne—
    Ame (DJ), London—
    Gerd Janson, Glasgow—
    Marcus Worgull, London—
    Alexander Nut, Melbourne—
    TENS, Sydney—
    Gerd Janson, Leeds—
    Detroit Swindle, Liverpool—
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  • Fri 2nd Jan 2015

    Jon K, Berlin—
    Pender Street Steppers, Perth—
    TENS, Byron—
    Moxie, Lyon—
    Maxmillion Dunbar, Perth—
    ANA, Berlin—
    Illum Sphere, Berlin—
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  • Sat 3rd Jan 2015

    Om Unit, Christchurch—
    Jacques Renault, Munich—
    Leon Vynehall, Berlin—
    EDMX, Berlin—
    PALM, Paris—
  • Sun 4th Jan 2015

    Alexander Nut, Brisbane—
    Fatima, Brisbane—
  • Thu 8th Jan 2015

    Kartell, Bordeaux—
    Jon1st, Limerick—
  • Fri 9th Jan 2015

    Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, London—
    Stooki Sound, Cologne—
    EOMA, Berlin—
    Cottam, London—
    Sailor & I, Bucharest—
    Detroit Swindle, Vilnius—
    Nom De Strip, Las Vegas—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Zurich—
    WISA, Zurich—
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  • Sat 10th Jan 2015

    Simian Mobile Disco, Milano—
    Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Lyon—
    Route 8, Lyon—
    EDMX, Leipzig—
    Marvin & Guy, Padova—
    BABA, Berlin—
    Pender Street Steppers, Sydney—
    TENS, Sydney—
    Om Unit, Wellington—
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  • Tue 13th Jan 2015

    Palace, York—
  • Thu 15th Jan 2015

    Anushka, Alps—
    Illum Sphere, Cambridge—
    C.A.R., Poitiers—
    Jon K, Cambridge—
    Lockah, Paris—
  • Fri 16th Jan 2015

    Illum Sphere, London—
    Jon K, London—
    Joakim, Tel Aviv—
    KTMH, London—
    Moscoman, Montpellier—
    Horse Meat Disco, Newcastle Upon Tyne—
    DJHS, Brighton—
    Paleman, Perth—
    Kiwi, Bognor Regis—
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  • Sat 17th Jan 2015

    KOKO, Barcelona—
    Marcus Marr, Berlin—
    Marquis Hawkes, Paris—
    Madam X, Arnheim—
    YGML, Munich—
    Josey Rebelle, London—
    Bart B More, Leipzig—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Bognor Regis—
    Om Unit, Melbourne—
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  • Sun 18th Jan 2015

    C.A.R., London—
    Ame (DJ), Bognor Regis—
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News —

Vynehall in Pitchforks Best Tracks & Albums 2014 —


Leon Vynehall has been selected by Pitchfork in both their ‘best tracks’ and ‘best albums’ or 2014 lists.

18th December 2014

RA albums of the year… —


Both Edward ‘Into A Better Future’ on Giegling and Fatima ‘Biggest Joke Of All’ on Memories deservedly makes it into the Resident Advisor Albums Of 2014 list.

17th December 2014

Louche podcast from ANA. —


Louche podcast from ANA

17th December 2014

Pollyester announce City Of O —


Pollyester announce second album “City Of O.”, out on January 30st via Disko B – Chicks On Speed Records

17th December 2014

FACT mix 475 comes by Josey Rebelle —

Josey Rebelle 2 - photo by Sami Janjer

Check out this new FACT mix from Josey Rebelle

15th December 2014

Bwana – Flute Dreams – RA —

Bwana Press Shot Jpeg

Bwana – Flute Dreams – Resident Advisor review.

15th December 2014

Lydia Ainsworth – Chris Isaak – Wicked Game —

LydiaAinsworth_PhotoByJohnMichaelFulton (1)

Lydia Ainsworth shares her cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games” and announces her first european tour via Vogue

15th December 2014

Leon Vynehall – XLR8R Best of 2014 —


Leon Vynehall has two tracks featured in XLR8R’s ‘best tracks of 2014′ list- ‘Be Brave, Clench Fists’ at number 21, and ‘Butterflies at number 2.

You can check the list below

12th December 2014

Domenic Cappello’s Subculture Winter Mix 2014 —


Domenic Cappello’s Subculture Winter Mix 2014 (Link To Soundcloud)

From one half of Subculture to you, for Christmas…

X Tempo – (Champion x Dismantle x Jus Now) – Out Now On Digital Soundboy —


X Tempo – (Champion x Dismantle x Jus Now) – Out Now On Digital Soundboy (Link To Soundcloud)

Jus Now, Dismantle and Champion, three of the most exciting names in the UK underground right now have joined forces for a very special 6 track project… X Tempo: available for…