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  • Thu 3rd Sep 2015

    Simian Mobile Disco, Edinburgh—
    Moxie, Pula—
    Jabru, Pula—
    Mc Fox, Pula—
    NATALIE PRASS, Brighton—
    N-TYPE, Pula—
    Fracture, Pula—
    Onra, Lausanne—
    APPL, Pula—
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  • Fri 4th Sep 2015

    Leon Vynehall, Amersfoort—
    Jon Phonics, Pula—
    Francis Inferno Orchestra, Paris—
    Kry Wolf, Manchester—
    Nomine, Vilnius—
    Tzusing, Clermont—
    Jonathan Toubin, Birmingham—
    MCSP, Pula—
    Route 8, Paris—
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  • Sat 5th Sep 2015

    Fort Romeau, Lyon—
    Dauwd, Amsterdam—
    Dj Milktray, Pula—
    Laura Clock, Aachen—
    Pollyester, Barcelona—
    Mark E, Portmeirion—
    Josey Rebelle, Oxford—
    The Golden Boy, London—
    Few Nolder (Live), Amsterdam—
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  • Sun 6th Sep 2015

    Mac DeMarco, Salisbury—
    Om Unit, Pula—
    Auntie Flo, Oxford—
    Throwing Shade, Oxford—
    Horse Meat Disco, New York—
    Keeno, Kent—
    Lapalux, Zurich—
    KUFM, Pula—
    NATALIE PRASS, vlieland—
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  • Mon 7th Sep 2015

    Mac DeMarco, Glasgow—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, London—
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  • Tue 8th Sep 2015

    Mc Fox, San Teodoro—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Paris—
    Onra, New York—
    Mac DeMarco, Bristol—
    Pollyester, London—
  • Wed 9th Sep 2015

    Onra, Denver—
    Mac DeMarco, London—
    MSHT, Bristol—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Strasbourg—
    Bambooman, Leeds—
    JSSC, Thessaloniki—
  • Thu 10th Sep 2015

    Nomine, Berlin—
    Onra, San Francisco—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    Thris Tian, Jakarta—
    Mac DeMarco, Birmingham—
    Kiwi, Ibiza—
    MSHT, London—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Nyon—
    SASSY J, Bern—
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  • Fri 11th Sep 2015

    Hashman Deejay, Rotterdam—
    Onra, Los Angeles—
    Troy Gunner, London—
    Palace, London—
    Nomine, Prague—
    Jon K, Glasgow—
    Thris Tian, Bali—
    SAM BINGA, Bangkok—
    Fort Romeau, Oslo—
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  • Sat 12th Sep 2015

    Leon Vynehall, London—
    Horse Meat Disco, Berlin—
    Jack J, Tokyo—
    Mac DeMarco, Manchester—
    Beautiful Swimmers, Wurtsboro—
    N-TYPE, Manchester—
    Nomine, Bratislava—
    Adesse Versions, Nijmegen—
    NUMM, London—
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  • Sun 13th Sep 2015

    Throwing Shade, London—
    Beautiful Swimmers, Wurtsboro—
    Cedric Maison, Isle Of Wight—
    KERO KERO BONITO, Isle Of Wight—
    Moxie, Isle Of Wight—
    IMYRMIND, Mainz—
    Jack J, Osaka—
    Krankbrother, London—
    Vision Fortune, Oviedo—
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  • Mon 14th Sep 2015

    Mac DeMarco, Tourcoing—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Prague—
  • Tue 15th Sep 2015

    The Juan Maclean, Ibiza—
    Mac DeMarco, Paris—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Berlin—
    Neville Watson, London—
    Paleman, Bristol—
    Mor Elian, Barcelona—
  • Wed 16th Sep 2015

    Marvin & Guy, Monaco—
    Mac DeMarco, Amsterdam—
    Sonny & The Sunsets, Copenhagen—
  • Thu 17th Sep 2015

    Sonny & The Sunsets, Stockholm—
    Kiwi, Aberdeen—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    ERRO, Derby—
    Mac DeMarco, Cologne—
    Prinzhorn Dance School, Nantes—
    Sivey, London—
    Palmbomen II, Paris—
    Black Strobe, Moscow—
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  • Fri 18th Sep 2015

    Onra, Vancouver—
    The Juan Maclean, Ibiza—
    Maxmillion Dunbar, Paris—
    SAM BINGA, Hong Kong—
    Nomine, London—
    Marvin & Guy, Berlin—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Utrecht—
    Mugwump, Nantes—
    Thris Tian, Bangkok—
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  • Sat 19th Sep 2015

    Leon Vynehall, Dortmund—
    SAM BINGA, Beijing—
    Onra, Victoria—
    Pender Street Steppers, Tokyo—
    Jon Rust, London—
    Detroit Swindle, Rathoat—
    Tornado Wallace, Berlin—
    Marquis Hawkes, London—
    Cleveland, Thessaloniki—
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  • Sun 20th Sep 2015

    Onra, Calgary—
    Felix Dickinson, Wetherby—
    Henrik Schwarz, Leeds—
    Vision Fortune, Tilburg—
    Kiwi, Southampton—
    Thris Tian, Singapore—
    Otik, London—
  • Mon 21st Sep 2015

    Mac DeMarco, Stockholm—
    Mc Fox, Manchester—
    The Golden Boy, Birmingham—
  • Tue 22nd Sep 2015

    Mac DeMarco, Oslo—
    The Golden Boy, Coventry—
    Dalhous, London—
    Kiwi, Newcastle Upon Tyne—
    Commodo, Manchester—
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  • Wed 23rd Sep 2015

    Simian Mobile Disco, Ibiza—
    Mac DeMarco, Gothenburg—
    SAM BINGA, London—
    Tiger & Woods, Barcelona—
  • Thu 24th Sep 2015

    Detroit Swindle, Milan—
    Palace, Sheffield—
    Matt Jam Lamont, Ibiza—
    Marvin & Guy, Florence—
    Mugwump, Charleroi—
    Chaos In The CBD, Reims—
    Mac DeMarco, Aarhus—
    Kiwi, Edinburgh—
    Kane West, London—
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  • Fri 25th Sep 2015

    Harri and Domenic, Dundee—
    Kry Wolf, Portsmouth—
    Horse Meat Disco, Milan—
    Horse Meat Disco, Ibiza—
    Thris Tian, Seoul—
    Nomine, Paris—
    Chaos In The CBD, London—
    Fort Romeau, London—
    Xinobi, Zurich—
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  • Sat 26th Sep 2015

    Denis Sulta, Liverpool—
    Chimpo, Liverpool—
    Leif, London—
    Tom Demac, London—
    LEVELZ, Manchester—
    Commodo, Bristol—
    JBSA, Sheffield—
    Simian Mobile Disco, Dublin—
    Leon Vynehall, Bristol—
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  • Sun 27th Sep 2015

    Marquis Hawkes, Berlin—
    Lorca, Glasgow—
    ZOOL, London—
    ZOOL, London—
    Kiwi, Bournemouth—
    Pender Street Steppers, Canberra—
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News —

Om Unit | Gate Mix Series #1 – Sleep/Surrender —


Om Unit | Gate Mix Series #1 – Sleep/Surrender (Link To Mixcloud)

Gates is a new mixtape series from Om Unit. While drawing on elements familiar to Om Units regular fans and listeners, the series focuses on sonic architecture and listener experience.

There will be seven “Gates”, each…

Dance floor meditation with the Bern DJ, Sassy J via the RA podcast —


DJ Sassy J delivers a fantastic Resident Advisor podcast. Check it out here.

1st September 2015

ASOK – Count Zero (Forthcoming Mistress) —


ASOK – Count Zero (Forthcoming Mistress) (Link To Soundcloud)

DVS-1′s Mistress label has announced the new EP from ASOK. Count Zero is available soon in all good record shops.

ASOK – M>O>S Recordings -Studio 80 (15-08-15) —


ASOK – M>O>S Recordings -Studio 80 (15-08-15) - Link To Soundcloud

ASOK DJ set recorded live at M>O>S Recordings in Studio 80, Amsterdam.

…a truckload of bangers



Borrowed Identity – Crack In The Box EP (Forthcoming Pastamusik) —


Borrowed Identity – Crack In The Box EP (Forthcoming Pastamusik) | Link To Soundcloud)

Borrowed Identity follows his fantastic XXX EP for Circus Company, Borrowed Identity is back with a new 4 track EP for Pastamusik. The man himself describes it as ‘techno, porn house, jack and dub music‘ and…

Clash premieres new LV album. —

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.14.47

Clash Premiere: LV set to release new album on Brownswood.

Listen here

27th August 2015

Solid Steel Show Aug-2015 with Velvit —

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 18.20.50

The new Ninja Tune Solid Steel radio show is now live with EXCLUSIVE mixes from Velvit (aka dBridge) featuring Motor City Drum Ensemble, Maya Jane Coles & much more !!!

Listen here

26th August 2015

Chaos In The CBD ft. Archie Pelago – ‘Common Unity’ | XLR8R – Free Download —


Chaos In The CBD ft. Archie Pelago – ‘Common Unity’ | XLR8R – Free Download

Chaos In The CBD follow on from releases on ClekClekBoom, Hot Haus and Amadeus with a four-track EP of beautiful and subtle house cuts for Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section International. Midnight In Peckham is available…

Seven Davis Jr. ‘Beautiful’ (Krystal Klear Remix) —


Seven Davis Jr. ‘Beautiful’ (Krystal Klear Remix) (Link To Soundcloud)

Krystal Klear’s remix for Seven Davis Jr is out today on Classic Music Company.

XLR8R Premiere: Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Retrospective Mix & Digital Catalogue Release —


XLR8R Premiere: Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Retrospective Mix (Link To XLR8R)

The Glasgow-based imprint celebrates its back catalogue being made available digitally with 90 minutes of the label’s finest cuts for XLR8R.